In this post you will find what we have been up to lately, a lot. From newborns to seniors to families and maternity photo sessions. They have all been happening lately.
021716_1530bwebAdalyn01Adorable family with three cutiesAdalyn03Adalyn21Two years old and full of personalityBL1A5168Carpenter12A big sister and sweet baby sister Carpenter14DADDYBASEBALLWEBThis senior was just gorgeousdogwebfamily (1)Henry02Henry09Baby boy all in blueHenry11Henry14Umm…those eyesHenry15Henry21Cake smash time!Henry23HH3A5932Hruby07Hruby19We have been photographing this adorable family for quite some time. So fun to watch families growHruby22Hruby23jackson sneakThose cheeks and a fireman themed cake smash
jacksonKai&Kruz10Kai&Kruz14Kai&Kruz21These twins are preciousKai&Kruz26Kendall_03Couples rarely take the time to get pictures together after the wedding, we always try to get a few at our sessions for them.
Kendall_05mia second sneakThis newborn is pretty happy for being on a scale;)SCALEsneaks _01

Six months and oh so sweet
sneaks _04splashSR2WEB1

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